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A Sneak-Peak Into ChatPM 

Watch how the ChatPM bot and its different modules and functionalities make project management easy for your business!  

How does Intelligent Virtual Assistant impact our lives?
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ChatPM Bot

Scope in Intelligent Virtual Assistant.
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How to purchase an Intelligent Virtual Assistant and its impact on your work.
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The image depicts a 3D model of a person scheduling their work.
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Team members discussing the risks of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant."
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Issues with and resolving Intelligent Virtual Assistant.
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boss is talking to the Intelligent Virtual Assistant from his office.
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The image shows team members working on an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.
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Power BI

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Import Export

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Microsoft Azure

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Chat GPT

Displaying the ChatPM dashboard.

A Visual Guide to Project Success 

Welcome to our comprehensive video guides that will help you unlock the full potential of ChatPM for seamless project management. Whether you’re a new user seeking an introduction or an experienced professional looking to dive deeper into specific modules, we have curated videos that will give you an in-depth insight into ChatPM 
Tailored to enhance your project management experience, these videos take you on a detailed walkthrough of each aspect of ChatPM Bot!  
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